Laptop Batteries

Standard Batteries

We have many different types of quality batteries including regular and low discharge NiMH rechargeable & non-rechargeable batteries in all of the standard sizes as well as some specialty sizes. Find leading brands like Panasonic Eneloop, Maha Powerex Pro and Precharged, iPower, Panasonic, Tenergy, Energizer & more.

Be sure that you have working devices with long-lasting batteries. You never have to worry about not getting the best in top performance! Palies IT Service is dedicated to providing you with durable and high-quality batteries.

Thinking about upgrading more than just your old laptop battery? Swap out your aging rig for a new and affordable and you may end up more than a little surprised by just how much more battery life you can wring out of every charge.

Start with our powerful Laptops battery, because even the most affordable entry model comes loaded with a 3-cell 52 WHr Lithium-ion battery offering up to seven hours of life on a single charge. And with 8GB of memory and 1TB’s worth of HDD storage, what’s not to love? You can also customize well beyond those specs without a serious hit to your power consumption.

We’re proud to offer products with the durability and support you need to keep your laptop working just as well on-the-go as at at home. Whichever model you choose, you can sleep easy knowing it’s powered by a laptop battery that embodies palies ongoing commitment to quality.

You’ll get compact performance computing without the anxiety of squandering your charge every time you dip into heavier duty applications or go off the grid for more than a couple hours.