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Mail Solution in Desktop Service

Do you realize that about 80% infection assault comes by means of email and over 60% messages are spam influenced? Envision the quantum of information misfortune to your business because of infection assaults + work misfortune because of spam and server personal time!. Here comes the requirement for a Mailing Solution!

Nallu Infotech offers a mailing arrangement that spares your business from the hardships of self overseeing infection and spam issues with the goal that you can focus completely on your center business exercises.

email solution
email solution

Nallu Infotech Managed Printing include the three central components of archive the executives: catch (the formation of data), change (how data moves around a business) and oversee (handling data in an approach to include business esteem). Before conveying Printing Manage , we think about how your business gets to, utilizations and stores both print and electronic data. By taking a gander at your gadgets and printed data. we work to streamline that framework to ensure your representatives have the correct help to carry out their responsibilities viably. We apply printing the executives innovations to expand profitability, wipe out waste and expenses.

Types of Mailing Solutions

Our oversaw mailing arrangement not just ensures 99.99% uptime for the mail servers yet additionally filters infection with online infection scanner and controls spam. Your work proficiency gets upgraded. Our oversaw mail servers for huge organizations offer full security and protection regardless of how tremendous is the mail traffic and how enormous is your business set up. Our mail servers can empower the same number of clients similar to the necessity of your huge business.With our Corporate Mailing Solution, you can run your corporate messages from your own site by moving your Email ID from “” to “”.The just distinction between a corporate email ID and the email ID of some ISPs is that your corporate space adds to the personality of your association.

Mailing Solutions