Remote Connect Support allows a customer support operator to remotely connect with a client’s MFP/Printer device via the Internet using the second-generation Smart Operation Panel. This function enables the support center to diagnose and resolve issues by real-time screen sharing, remote guidance and operation, thereby dramatically reducing the need for field engineer visits.

Nallu Remote is a new kind of support service, which achieves greater operating efficiency for output devices.

Nallu Remote is a new kind of Internet-based support for remote management of digital multi-purpose devices and laser printers.

Advent of this kind of service, the status of devices on the network can be monitored in real time, required services can be delivered rapidly, and breakdowns prevented and downtime shortened.

Remote support offers improved response times and faster resolution to many of your computer issues

With Peak Solutions, you shouldn’t have to wait for a technician to arrive to work on a problem that can be resolved remotely.

Just call and report your problem and within a few minutes, a technician will respond and begin correcting the trouble

We provide a full range of maintenance and support service options

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