We offer a complete range of  networking solutions for  municipal broadband networks and other enterprise wifi solutions. Under this category, our portfolio includes wifi access points, hot spot gateways, client products, short and long range wireless ethernet bridges for back hauls, pre wimax products and laser optic wireless ethernet.

A local area network (LAN) is a network connection that interconnects the computer and laptop in a limited area like home, offices etc. A LAN setup allow users to share devices like printer, scanner more conveniently, give easy access to share files.We aim to give Best LAN Setup and Installation Services that gives, satisfaction to our customer, our highly experienced and expert engineer reach to you for any technical support. It is our constant endeavour to offer a range of innovative internet technology products and services to our home, enterprise and SME customers. Customers will find the innovative features of our products useful in more than one way – superior speed, convenience of using internet wirelessly from anywhere in the office or home, relief from wireless security hassles, peace of mind with assured control on bills

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