Our company has mastered the art in providing  Printing Management Service. According to the customer’s requirements, we are involved in rendering Managed Print Service. Printer Services understands today’s business deadlines and we have range of products that will ensure peace of mind regardless of budget or the size of fleet or organisation.

Our Fix it Tickets are ideal for owners of printer fleets who want the peace of mind of a maintenance contract without the financial commitment. Our Contractual support is an option which provides complete assistance in hectic office environments where machine faults can cause huge disruption and lost revenues. Our automated supplies options use the latest remote monitoring tools to deliver just in time to where consumables are required, reducing local warehousing costs and localised departmental procurement. Nallu Infotech provides quality and precision printing, today our company is offering a variety of print-related services fulfilling our clients operational and marketing needs, we also provide quality and unique content to our clients with good printing experience.


Customized as per specifications

Efficient execution team

Use of latest technology

On-time completion

Skilled workforce.

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