Nallu Infotech provides solution wireless networks and does the installation as per your company’s requirements and capabilities by understanding the current situation and Wireless network installation design.Our Comprehensive network solution and implementation include Network configuration and subsequent maintenance. Nallu Infotech offer compatible wireless networks. Apart from benefits, Nallu Infotech tackles certain pitfalls with respect to wireless networks so that the better manageability of network connectivity, security, radio band configuration.

Nallu Infotech offers comprehensive maintenance and professional services for wireless networks. We provide complete hardware and software care plan to support and maintain your company’s Wireless networks for extending product life, increasing system reliability and investment protection.Managed Services has been designed to help you improve the performance and availability of your WAN and let you focus your IT resources on core projects. Our fully managed networking service offers Wireless Network installation, configuration, maintenance, monitoring, and management. Nallu Infotech managed service is definitely being value added option to Access VPN services guaranteeing an end-to-end service performance.

Ensure your core equipment and licensing is renewed every year. This will also allow you to extend your coverage through the LDoS date and prevent you from having a lapse in coverage.

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