Data Security

Data Security

Our expertise is on building reliable, robust server rooms & datacenters with redundancy, optimization to ensure uptime with business acceleration.

Palies IT Services provides the world’s most data secure, manageable and easy-to-use data encryption solutions. Palies IT Services develops full-disk encryption software that is used to encrypt sensitive data on hard or solid state drives and to manage encrypted or BIOS password protected devices, including computers with self-encrypting drives. Palies IT Service’s SecureDoc full-disk encryption suite provides protection of data-at-rest stored on desktops, laptops, and other mobile devices by encrypting all data on the disk and employing single- or multi-factor pre-boot authentication (password, hardware token, TPM, biometrics, PKI).

Palies Data Security

We provide the best data security , quick and reliable technical support for data security from the small proprietor to big corporate.

Security of one’s data is one of the primary concerns in E-waste disposal.Palies e-recycle Besides the corporate and SME sectors, individuals to face the risk of having data stolen or worse still, of identity theft. Most methods of data security elimination tend to leave remanence. In simple terms, those parts of your valuable data that you thought were deleted. Data remanence could make inadvertent disclosure of one’s sensitive information possible, should the storage media be released into an uncontrolled environment.

What We Offer

We provide the best, quick and reliable technical support for data security from the small proprietor to big corporate.

Hackers and unauthorized users always try to detain your data which may trouble you, data security software assured the safety of data prohibited the hackers and unauthorized users.

Implementing simple and effective security solutions can help you protect from the ever increasing treats to your network and data security. Palies IT Services can provide you the best data security solution for any business environment or scenario. They will deal with all aspects of encryption, strong user authentication, backup solutions. So you will always have the data security solution that is right for you , they will design it, install it, get it working and show how you have to use it.