Firewall Maintenance

Firewall Maintenance

A Firewall is designed to protect network resources. Through a firewall, information can be securely shared amongst servers and workstations.

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Your network will have the correct security controls in place

Security practices evolve with the ever-changing threat landscape

High level firewall management that derives from experience

The results of the tests should be stored in a secure location

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Through effective and preventative perimeter and internal security, security risks such as WannaCry could have been stopped in its tracks. The threats landscape has to be fully understood while the services that carry a high level of risk has to be identified and acknowledged by all staff managing firewalls. This will ensure that businesses are advised correctly on the best security practice with requirements and environments that are constantly evolving

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Whenever a change is made to the firewall configuration, perform a backup immediately to reflect that change.Whenever an update to any rule is made, the network administrator should perform an immediate backup of the configuration.

The network administrator should also have third-party certified vendors perform the same tests to ensure that the firewall’s vendor does not have a bias. The tests should be performed when there is the least network traffic, because test scripts can possibly overload a network.

Ensuring that the correct security controls are implemented across your network, as well as reducing the costs associated with managing and owning security infrastructure is all part of the service we deliver at Palies IT Services. It is imperative that all security devices are scoped.

Some vendors may require remote access to the firewall in order to perform testing procedure whenever there is a problem. This should be avoided unless there is written assurance from the vendor and approval by the client company’s legal advisor.

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Palies IT Sercvice firewall management delivers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as well as configuration support and advice. When the service operates alongside the SOC monitor, Palies IT Service can deliver a complete service at a time when threats are identified to respond and react immediately and appropriately in order to handle any threats