System Upgradation

System Upgradation

Each new day new technological innovations are coming to the fore. This requires continuous Upgradation of the equipment and devices we use regularly. Computer Upgradation hence becomes a pre-requisite in corporate offices, educational institutions, banks, cyber cafes as well as at you home. Here is Palies IT Services offering professional Computer Upgradation services. Our team of expert at work keeps themselves abreast with latest modernization in the computer technology. This enables them in carrying out highly accurate Computer Upgradation proces

 Your PC is a decade old, you won’t be able to speed it up much with a hardware upgrade

1. Replace your drives
The bottleneck in most PCs—that is, the slowest part of the PC that you find yourself waiting for most often—is the hard disk.

2. Upgrade your Random Access Memory (RAM)
More RAM can help too, but only if your PC doesn’t have enough of it already.

3. Upgrade your CPU or graphics card
Other upgrades are a bit more niche. If you’re a gamer and want to run games on higher graphical settings, you may want to upgrade your PC’s graphics card.

What We Do

Palies IT Service computers can suggest the cheapest and the best upgrade solutions for your PC (desktops and laptops). When your system runs too slow even for an application, we will listen to you, probe and try to understand the contributing factors and your needs. We will not try and sell you a new system if an upgrade of your existing machine fulfills your need. If your system gets the necessary performance improvement by a change in settings, memory, hard disk, processor, graphics card, operating system etc we not only suggest that, but give you the option of trying them out before your paying for it.

We can provide the ideal cost effective package to fulfill your needs-a software tuning, an upgrade, a peripheral addition or a new PC altogether. Try out options-cheaper ones first before arriving at the most satisfactory solution. We consider your budget as a prime factor while fulfilling your computing needs.